love & Best Witches

5 out of 5 stars
13 Nov 2012 By Selkie

A thoroughly enchanting book and a delightful read. Maria Mann has the wonderful ability of ensuring this book will appeal to all ages (the young and young at heart).

Having read Maria’s previous book, I avidly awaited the publication of the next. Although this book is aimed at the younger generation it’s a joy to read. I read it to my young grand daughter (both my daughter and grand daughter enjoyed the book) and the illustrations are beautiful and enhance the enjoyment – and help `catch’ and `hold’ the attention of a younger child and also fascinated both my daughter and I.

Best Witches has given three generations of my family great pleasure in reading together. Thank you Maria and please write another book very soon.

5 out of 5 stars
Sparkly, bewitching read!
13 October 2010 By teyman

I found myself giggling right from the first page of Maria Mann’s delightful `Love and Best Witches’ and continued to thoroughly enjoy it all the way through. It is a highly entertaining and stylish book with exquisite illustrations sparkling on every page, and would be great fun for both children and adults to read. The narrator is Louise, whose Auntie Nettie is a witch – of the benevolent rather than the wicked variety. Louise is learning to be a witch too and visits her auntie regularly for witchy tips and plenty of chocolate and cackling! There are recipes for Magical Soup, Witchy Lemonade and Gingerbread Men, zany poems and quirky puns. This witch shops for her thermals at WHS and is also unusual because she has M.E. which slows her down when her joints ache. Despite this she creates a world of magic, wit and laughter in her kitchen, where you never know what will go bump in the fridge!