Verity Red’s Diary – A Story of Surviving M.E.

5 out of 5 stars
Brilliant and funny!
9 Nov 2013 By Alison Greenway

What a great book! I’d heard quite a bit about this book since I got M.E. and had been wanting to read it for a few years. The only problem i’d had up until now was the print version has got small type and I couldn’t read it because of my M.E.! I was given an old, original kindle to see if I could read with that, and found that with print size just short of maximum I could read this book 🙂 (it’s soooo good to be able to read something after 8 yrs of not being able to read 🙂 ). I’ve heard that the book got it’s title ‘verity red’s diary’ from ‘very tired’s diary’, which I think is clever:-). It’s a light hearted look at a year in the life of verity and what life’s like having to live with M.E. I would assume that the author has M.E. herself to be able to write such an accurate account of what life’s like living with it. I found it a great book with a good ‘description’ of life with M.E. and quite light hearted – people without M.E. but have family/friends with it might find it hard to believe that this is what life is like with the illness but unfortunately this is what life is like for us. If you don’t have M.E or know anyone with it then I think that you’ll enjoy this book as the author has a sense of humour,:-) (and a love for the 7 dwarfs !!!)

Subject: Life-Saver…
From: Jay Mhay
Date: 21Feb 2006

Hi!!! Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!! for writing this book. I’ve had ME for 4 years and of late it really has been getting to me that no-one gets it!!! So your book came into my life when I needed it most. I’ve read till ]une so far wish I could just read it all in one go like I used to, but can only read in small bits. It usually travels around the house with me so whenever I’m feeling a little lessening of tiredness I have a read!!! My Dad, who is very much like the Dad in the book {except mine is forever telling me to do Yoga and tells his friends I have Arthritis because he can’t get his head around ME) even asked me what the book was about as he’d spotted me lugging it around. Anyway, an amazing book – I absolutely love it!!! Thank you for giving me a friend (sad I know!) and for giving people with ME a voice!!! Jay Mhay